Saturday, July 10, 2010


The end is near and I feel I've got an octopus on my tail. The latest hype about this psychic octopus, Paul is totally farcical no matter how many flags he sits on... I just can't let this silly captive sea creature ruin my night....I just CAN'T!!! I won't. Ok, let's get serious. There is NO way, this damn octopus is going to tell me who's winning! His predictions STOP tomorrow!
It's a shame I was unable to watch the game, Germany VS Spain but I would hardly have been able to choose....although that octopus seemed to be able to ...How can an octopus predict and choose a winning country let alone know what a flag IS.....or FOOTBALL at that matter! It was a gamble being the underdogs but Spain was able to pull through. It did come as a slight surprise but very welcomed considering Holland has come face to face with Germany in the past, only to be beaten down. Although we’re not afraid of them, knocking off the one team I think we really couldn’t take the risk of losing to again is a comfort in some ways, knowing they are no longer our threat. Holland has never once been successful in snatching that cup, getting only as far as second place twice, once in ’74 and again in ’78. But now on to our latest rivals, SPAIN! Having actually made more appearances in the world cup than us, they have never in their history of football come this far to taking the cup home….so that is why it’s a bit of a shame for them that we have to keep them from their ultimate goal.
In fact, I think this makes it better because it gives those cocky people like me a bit of a scare, making it all that more exciting when we DO win! The suspense of each game kills me but it has been an absolute riot being here in the Netherlands for the World Cup. I mean....okay, it could have been much more comforting, had Germany lost to Uruguay today, breaking this octopus' streak of good luck....LUCK not predictions...The sheer prospect of winning the cup while I’m here, for their first time gives me the biggest thrill. This makes up, in my mind, for missing the 2010 winter Olympics in my home town Vancouver earlier this year. It takes some odds and chance to be in the country of the champions from start to end…seeing as the excitement grows each round. Waving flags and banners fill the streets and alleyways with red, white, blue and ORANGE!! Patriotic symbols come in forms of fluttering, waving and sticking in car windows or dazzling from windy balconies to kids’ painted chubby cheeks. All based on that one ball, those few players and a very devoted red, white and blue Dutch flag…that is what joins us all together today. We, the fans, are the blood that comes to one central point to pump and be dispersed throughout the entire body; the team is the heart that keeps us all alive and thriving. So tomorrow, we join for one thing and one thing only, any differences there might have been disperse and despite what ANY octopus says, we will cheer on our team! HUP HOLLAND HUP!!


At 4:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Savannah, so how's the crow tasting. I was disappointed with Germany who I have backed for the past 25 yrs, (denmark before that) I was hoping a Holland Germany game..... oh well 3rd is a good showing too. Welcome to the insanity of real Football!!!!! My personal favorite sport, played for 9 years.
How are you doing? Do you see your parents ever? What is it about Holland that attracts you? What are the people like when not in the world cup mode? Where is your favorite place?

Love and Bear Hugs
The BEar


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