Saturday, July 10, 2010

World Cup 2010

There are many things my travels have introduced to me, one of those things being, no doubt the World Cup. I had only first heard of the World Cup in 2006 when I was travelling from place to place in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. That being due to my lack of interest in the game of football AKA soccer or simply my young age, it doesn’t make any difference, now that my eyes have been opened, there is no detaching my nose from the screen. I am hooked! Though I must shamefully admit that in times I should have been soaking in the culture, sights and atmosphere of the countries I was visiting, most of my attention and time was drawn away by the simple anticipation of the next hotel/hostel/guest house possibly having a TV within audible range playing the game.
Never before had I known the wonders of taking interest in a sport and becoming a fan…especially one like football. Previously being the kind to stick my tongue out, waiting for a never ending countdown before I could once again claim the TV clicker from one of the boys in the house, it’s shocking even to me, finally to understand and see from the other side how sports CAN indeed be entertainment. Having, by chance, ended up with just about the only non-football fan in the whole of the Netherlands, I see myself as that pain in the arse hogging the clicker, stopping on every sports channel, obtaining that unbecoming role of “man of the house”. Now, every minute of that “never ending countdown” is treasured.
Since the beginning as a bare minimum, I have managed to catch every Dutch game. Each one only getting better!!!
Netherlands VS:
??? SPAIN ???

Undefeated champions!! In the earlier games I watched as my friends’ and families’ teams drop out of the game like flies. First Sky’s U.S of A went, shortly followed by poor Adriana’s Mexico, then dear Ben’s England ….like a horse in the race, Holland has kept pushing through to the next and the next…and now it’s only down to the last and FINAL GAME…..Who is taking home that cup?!
P.s. I feel so sorry for Ammon that he's missing it ALL!!!! :( A tear for you, my friend.


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