Monday, December 13, 2010


I feel like my life revolves around custard these days. In the spirit of Christmas we've been making a lot of extra custard at work and I seem to be packing millions of boxes of it. I didn't know people could actually need that much... For the last month, since I started working, I have averaged 50 hour weeks (with the help of the filming gigs) with last week at nearly 60 hours. I've very quickly become the most worked casual they have now and even as I check my phone after coming off a shift I'll have messages asking me if I want a shift starting right then! Of course I can't take them but clearly I am in high demand. If I could clone myself I'd have over 100 hours I'm sure. All this just proves my extreme nature. I'm still a workaholic when I'm not a playaholic :)
I've been so tired and on such strange schedules that I haven't even really started to think about trying to find a place to move out. There are a lot of long-term residents at the hostel here (just like at the other one I was at before but more so as there are over a dozen people working for accommodation there) so once you start to get to know people it is a more interesting community to live in than just being on your own. Growing up in a big house must have something to do with loving that. This one is more like a frat house or something with all the craziness going on but I suppose I'm getting used to it. The kitchen still sucks and I'm probably not getting enough sleep such that my body is slowly wearing itself down toward total exhaustion but for now I'm just dealing with it.
Probably the strangest thing about this hostel is that there are only 2 bathrooms, one for guys and one for girls. Twice a day they clean them and during the time that one is closed for cleaning, the other becomes unisex such that everyone is using it together. It doesn't seem to phase anyone here but brushing your teeth next to some girl in a towel that just jumped out of a shower is a long way culturally from conservative Muslim countries where you can't even eat with your own sisters....
It's just as well that I'm not travelling around and trying to see stuff over here. They are having a really bad year with the weather. It was the wettest spring Brisbane has had since 1972 and the first that didn't break 30C. It is now officially summer and they still haven't hit 30C and we are getting constant downpours with flood warnings all over the region. There was no way I was ever going to get a farming job. I got an email notice from one of the farming agencies I'd been talking to before. It was saying most of the farms are underwater or have had a lot of their crops destroyed so they will not likely need anyone for the season. It's all worked out for me though as I have a much better situation here.