Thursday, February 10, 2011

Work Jokes

It seems kind of ironic to me that since the floods it has been almost constantly sunny in Brisbane. The humidity has been brutal recently but it finally started to feel like summer. The north part of Queensland got wasted the other day by one of the biggest cyclones on record (we didn't feel it here though) so I guess now the whole state is wrecked. Tourism is still down quite a bit and so is work at the factory. Things are now sorted out but they've started to crack down on the excessive use of casual workers that had been going on so I'm down to only 4-5 days a week at work.
Almost since I've started working there, there's been an ongoing joke started by supervisor that likes me the most. I say most because they all like me. For some reason one day he made a comment about how I must've worked on the crabbing boats in Alaska at some point (because that's what all Canadians do right?). So he's always asking me to do some task “which is like when you were on the crabbing boats...” to which I reply “ya, sure, it reminds me of....”. I just play along with it and make some suitably vague comment or random statement about life on the crabbing boats. So then he started telling everyone that I was on the tv show “Deadliest Catch” to which I added “ya, sure, season 2”. Most people know it's a joke but with my stories of exotic travels and my occasional comment that I'm still doing the odd filming job there are actually people that believe it now. The rumour has even started to come full circle because some have told me that they mentioned me (I'm one of only 2 Canadians working at the factory) and others have said “right, the guy that was on Deadliest Catch”. The guys working at the agency that calls us to give us shifts called me yesterday and told me they had heard I was on the show and were going to watch it to see me. Hahahaha. I think this is too funny.
Speaking of filming though, I did another extra job last week for a documentary about Australian soldiers, called The Digger. Apparently Aussie soldiers are nicknamed “Diggers”. Anyway, I got to be a volunteer soldier on a boat heading to the Boer war in South Africa practicing pistol shooting. It was pretty fun and a quick shoot. There were only 6 of us so they did the scenes with full face focus on each of us in turn so in theory I should actually be on screen for a change...