Thursday, March 10, 2011

Starting the countdown

I have now officially gotten into countdown mode and am thinking mostly about leaving Australia. I have spent the last few weeks organizing the next stage and things have certainly changed from what I had originally thought I'd be doing after my time here was up. I won't be leaving Australia for another 2 months (May 7th) but I have recently bought a total of 7 flights so it's just a matter of working and waiting.
The plan thus far is to go to Melbourne for a few days to visit Sandra before flying back to the Philippines (via quick stops in KL and Singapore to say hi to friends). I'll be in the Philippines for 3 weeks before flying to Europe to meet up with Savannah and the parents for June and July before returning home to go to Sky's wedding.
I have some ideas for what to do after that but I'm still open to suggestions (other than the suggestion to settle down!). Australia was my taste of settling a bit and I can tell you I am very, very excited to get moving again. I don't like the taste of sitting still for long.