Thursday, October 03, 2013

Capture The Colour

I’m very excited to be participating in this year’s #CTC13 (Capture The Color) photo blogging challenge. Since being nominated by fellow travellers, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying all the amazing color themed photos posted on so many great travel blogs out there.

I’ve been meaning to put this together for a while now, but got so stumped on narrowing it down to only ONE photo per color!

I thought I would make a bit of a theme and tell you through my 5 color photos what travel means to me.


Travel is: Discovering something new.
Find something hidden and wonderful that you’ve never heard of before. Venture somewhere other than the Eiffel Tower, Rome’s Coliseum or the Taj Mahal. Follow the ancient Silk Road’s history through Central Asia to Uzbekistan’s Samarkand. Experiencing routes less travelled is a great way to meet new people in their own surroundings without being jaded by tourism. Of course, it’s always important to remember to be respectful and open minded.

(Samarkand, Uzbekistan) 

See this link for more on Uzbekistan


Travel is: Experiencing life like a local.
I’ve been living in the Netherlands for 4.5 years now and there is no better way to experience the culture than riding a bike. Take yourself on a tour through the green fields, over the wooden bridges jumping from canal to canal. If anything will make you feel Dutch its being on your bike, wind blowing through your hair.

(Photo: Alkmaar, Holland)
See this link for more on Holland



Travel is: Romance/Love
Whether it’s a person or a state of mind, travel shows you passion like no other. You will find yourself having a romance with a book, city, culture, religion, food or something you never even knew existed. Travel can spark a love interest of any kind but undoubtedly, that love will catch you by surprise and stick to you forever like that inescapable travelbug!

(Luxe Grand Gaube, Mauritius)
See this link for more on Mauritius

Travel is: Taking local transport
Venturing through the landscape, meeting locals and eating local cuisine with them is the best. Gliding through the lush mountainous landscape in Sri Lanka was a sure highlight. Sri Lanka is so full of life, fresh fruits and tea plantations.

(Near Ella, Sri Lanka)
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Travel is: Embracing all seasons.
A great way to embrace winter is to sit in the serenity and beauty of the Swiss Alps. Leukerbad was a spectacular way to soak up the pristine white snow. After a long day of skiing, relaxing in the natural hot springs with a steep mountain backdrop was heavenly.

(Leukerbad, Switzerland)
  See this link for on Switzerland

Bonus Colour
Travel is: Getting involved.  
Watching the World Cup 2010 from MuseumPlein in Amsterdam was intense! It was a great way to feel the pulse and thrive of a nation as everyone put aside their differences and united.

(Amsterdam, Holland)
See this link for more on the World Cup 2010

There are so, so many things that travel represents to me. It’s a source of self-discovery, learning your personal limits and overcoming them, compassion, generosity, hospitality, achievement, exploration and overall it’s a great educator! Travel is my teacher.

MY 5 NOMINATIONS: (Though I’m sure so late in the competition all these great bloggers have already been nominated)
- Shane Dallas @thetravelcamel
- Arianna @pointchaser

- @TrueNomads

- Megan Claire @MappingMegan

- Pola Henderson @JettingAround

Each and every one of you are an inspiration and have beautiful photos.

Big thank you to these amazing travel bloggers for bringing #CTC13 to my attention and for nominating me:
Nita Gulati from @spilling_Beans

Karla from @travellersoul76

Danielle @Treksnappy

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