Thursday, November 24, 2016

Blog Revival

Well hello again!
It has been far too long now since I disappeared and "retired" from the travel + blog gig.  I guess I got lazy and out of practice because I have started to travel a bit again but I haven't written at all.  The plan is for me to take over this blog once again and regale you with my latest adventures.  I'm sure Sasha will be a major player and the rest of the family will be making appearances as well.  As most of you already know, Savannah has her website and blogs of her travels and activities at so jump over there for some more great stuff.
So a quick update on my life these days:
I "checked out" as an air traffic controller just over a year ago in Prince George, BC (YXS).  It wasn't exactly what I was expecting but after all I've been through, adjusting to life a little farther north (and significantly colder) hasn't been bad at all.  The positive adjustment was significantly helped by the fact that Sasha also moved with me to Prince George and we are all cozy and settled in now. 
Work is good.  I enjoy the challenge and excitement of the day and have arguably the best view in town :)  Fortunately I am also blessed with quite a bit of time off and combined with Sasha strategically working as a casual at the BC Cancer Agency and our both being financially disciplined, we are able to get away a couple times a year to travel again.  My next few posts will be to relive and retell the last few short trips we were able to do in the past 12 months. 
My view at work.

Winter sunrise at the tower.