Saturday, September 16, 2006


This isn't going to be that long so don't get your hopes up. Before I get started I have to say, I still can't belive mom got decked in the face. I was in shock. WOW was I ever ready to kill that guy, but the little prick ran off. Mom is fine, she is a tough cookie alright, and I rubbed her neck out so its all good. Just another day out on the road. I really can't wait to tell you guys in person all the stories. Reading it on a computer just isn't the same. PlusI know you will have a good laugh at all my crazy facial expressions. Then again, you will have to wait a while as I have no idea when we will come home. Does that scare you? Maybe we will never come home. Muaahah.

We are leaving Varna tonight on an overnight train to Sophia. Terri is leaving on the 17th. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh what???? She is leaving on the 17th.....OMG......Thats like a day away.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.. no no no no no I don't think so. What are you talking about? She just got here. What do you mean she is leaving?.. I cant belive this crap...who set this up?

That is the worst part about traveling. I never like saying bye to friends or family. We get so attatched to everyone that its really hard when the final moments together come. I remember how hard it was to say bye to everyone when we left home, thinking when will I see these guys again? After almost giving up hope that Terri would actually make it out here she came! She is part of this family and always will be. I love her to death. She has such a great attitude towards everything, so cheery! Definately have many laughs behind us and great times that we will keep with us always. We've all become soo much closer. I'm so glad she came! This really was an awesome experience for her! As it is for all of us. Too bad we can't keep her longer. I'm still thinking of a way to make her stay. Whether it is stalling, making up some stupid excuse, tying her to a post.. you know whatever it takes. I already tried to convince her dad to let her skip more school but that didn't work. lol He is a cool dude for letting her come this far.. and better let her come again. ahah I'll miss her soo much. Man this sucks. It just isn't the same when a member of our group leaves. Then for days we are looking for an extra person. BUT.. you do realize I am fully willing to go through this pain.. just keep coming. You guys back home don't realize and don't truly understand what it is like out here until you find out for yourself so the best way is to just let go and join us for a while. See what its like and if you really can't handle us then you can leave. ahahah Please please please come! Whats holding you back? Job? ppppffffttt You can get a job anytime...This is a chance that doesn't come along everyday. Hop to it. ok ok I know I can be pushy but really its amazing.

Varna (where we are right now) has been a blast. Great hostel, nice group of friends, beautiful beach, nice weather, clean, good food, cute town, etc etc. I've got a wicked tan now!! ahahah Last night I went out dancing with a bunch of people from the hostel!!!! HAVEN'T done THAT in a long time. It was great because my family wasn't there to watch me embarass myself on the dance floor. ahahahah kidding, I'm a good dancer. Yeah, I had a sweet time!

Jeez this turned out a bit longer then I thought.. oh well. I have to go pack and gather up some junk for Terri to take home for us! heee heee that's also a big bonus! People come and we get a package of stuff from home and when they leave we send dead weight home!
Anyways I better get out in the sun while I still can!
Over and out!


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