Thursday, September 28, 2006

In Belgrade

Wow, I haven't written on this thing in a while!! We spent the last week in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, after sending Terri on her way home. We hadn't originally planned on staying a week in Sofia but were enjoying our stay with a local family too much to leave. While I was there I talked a lot with the sister and mother in the house. I even got special Bulgarian language lessons. I'm an A+ student!! Proud of it, hehe. I am actually really fascinated with cyrillic and hope to one day learn a second language maybe involving it!! We had yummy meals and lots of food while we were there and I think we all have to go on diets now....well, that obviously is excluding Ammon!! He will NEVER gain weight even if you tied him to a chair for a month and fed him donuts non-stop!!! It was sad to leave our freinds but it was about time we moved on to our next destination, Serbia. We actually missed our train by 5 minutes and were stuck waiting in the station for 9 whopping hours. Hhahah, Terri you can appreciate that after our 7 hours waiting in the station on our way to Hungary!! Time went by fast enough though. I've learned patience, something I thought I'd never have. We then spent 11 hours sitting up all night on the train to Belgrade. We had a full 6 seat compartment with two fat, old ladies who were smuggling who-knows-what across the border and paying off all of the guards!! Great!
We are staying with another host family that is extremely kind. The daughter gave mom one of her old money collections from the inflation they had in 1993. The bills go from as high as 50,000 to 500 BILLION!!! Just imagine, eleven zeros on a single bill!!! Every two weeks they had new bills coming out with more and more zeros added. It must have been crazy and a big struggle. We also saw they had coins going up to 500,000! They're worth nothing now and nothing then as well. So don't get all excited, we aren't rich billionaires.....yet!! Teehee.
We're leaving tomorrow and heading 150 km south of Belgrade to stay with yet another host family. They really have been great to us and we are excited to meet more locals and families.
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