Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More changes

It got off to a bit of a rough start but I like Bulgaria. Our time in Varna was great. Haven't had FUN like that in a long time. The people at the hostel were great and we had a lot of fun laughing and even going out. The weather was great and we got to sit and relax on the beach too. That might not sound too exciting but that's really the first time since the Maldives. All the other beaches were either too busy or had too many guys staring and the girls weren't able to relax. At this beach we guys were much more preoccupied with the topless babes than them so they were able to enjoy it better. Our hostel location couldn't've been any closer to the beach either.
We are constantly asked what we miss about home. I now have an answer. What I have missed most about home (aside from you guys) is physical activity of the sporting kind. One of the guys at the hostel had a frizbee and we played down on the beach quite a bit. It was heaven! Also had a go at beach soccer (wow, that is hard work.) but we got destroyed. That's what I miss the most, running around and playing catch.
We had a great time in Varna and would probably still be there if it wasn't for Terri having to fly home from Sofia. We are now in Sofia and the weather is definately a lot cooler. It's a bit strange because the mountain range just south of town looks a lot like the north shore back home. I just has the right shape and size and the houses going up the side as well. Can't say too much about Sofia, it's alright but not terribly exciting. We do like it better than Bucharest though.
A couple of weeks ago we were told about a few websites that hook people up with free hosts in various cities around the world. Not all are local hosts but it is a great way to meet people and keep the expenses down. We've met a few members but now we are actually staying with someone that is part of this. It's awesome! We are outside of town on the side of the mountain. It's like being home. Hahaha. If anyone is interested the sites are hospitalityclub.org, couchsurfing.com and globalfreeloaders.com. Needless to say, we are now thinking of taking advantage of this opportunity as much as we can (not in the total mooch sense but to spread our story and share our experiences) and have also got a few more contacts.
Today we went to apply for a Macedonian visa here in Sofia. Amazingly, we were refused! The people there were all quite grumpy and rude and the guy told us we needed invitations and hotel reservations first. Uh, no, not true. Only for places like Russia, Tajikistan and that set. Anyway, he then got started on how hard it is, even for rich people to get visas for Canada and it all became clear. He was trying to make it difficult for us because we are Canadian and he even admitted to it. Anyway, now we can't go there next so will have to reroute and apply for the visa elsewhere. Shouldn't be a problem but it's a hassle. I guess we'll be going to Serbia next.


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