Saturday, June 16, 2007

Attitude change

Dear Family, Friends, Friends to be, Strangers and Critics,
So happy to report neither ankle has been twisted, broken, disfigured, or in any way, shape or form injured due to showering here in cramped quarters since last I wrote. It is quite feasible for any Westerner at first glance at bathroom facilities, equipped with shower heads installed just off centre above toilet bowls, to easily conjure up doubts of personal safety....... even to simply perform what to many of us is just an uneventful daily occurrence. Yes, a feasible reaction initially, but thereafter not justifiable, for with most things, given time, attitudes do change. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how soon a multi-tasking mindset, necessarily developed over the past two years conducting business in Vancouver, BC., would come to my aid in such a peculiar manner on the opposite side of the planet. Utilizing this principle enabled me to approach this showering issue with somewhat of a different attitude. To my surprise, I discovered I could wash my socks in the wash basin, while showering sitting on the toilet.....simultaneously!! What a reverse in attitude! For I amazingly find myself not minding my trips to the "facilities" and even on occasion actually looking forward to it! Did I just write that? Only a matter of weeks ago in the oasis town of Siwa, with anything short of a down right emergency, one would be hard pressed to get me setting foot inside the "water closet". Rather than an example using food, culture, traffic, people, etc., and risking over-kill, I chose a familiar place in our homes, where hopefully even a few minutes of solace may be found in this hectic world of ours, to clearly make my point.... Attitudes can be changed even to one's utter amazement and with it hope for the future!! Wouldn't you agree?


At 3:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Brandon,
I enjoyed hearing your "voice" on the blog again. I think that it is the change of attitude that alters the basis of the experience. A paradigm shift if you will, which allows the interpretation of the events through an altered framework, resulting in a dramatic change in the subjective experience.
I am glad your shift is allowing you to more fully apreciate and enjoy the amazing extension of time you have been granted. I will be looking forward to listening in on the experiences.

Are you worried about getting to settled into a comfortable routine such as it is? How's the Pepsi? Are you glad you haven't given up? Are you really gonna hang there till fall? or just until you get irritated and itchy feet? LOL

To the rest of you movie star types, can I get your autograph when you come back?
Actually, there is a hadicapped man who works in the OR's here named wayne, would you mind sending postcards to me at work, so I can give them to Wayne to collect? If it is okay, I will send you my work address via email.

Love and Big Bear Hugs
The Bear


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