Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Time Warp

I was reminded yesterday, that we are in a time warp when an ox pulling a wagon full of ice blocks went by. Having been here so long it's gotten so normal that we never notice the difference of here and home. A walk down the street consists of old rickety, large wheeled, one speed bicycles, three wheeled automobiles, men at work sewing by foot power sewing machines, bicycle powered knife sharpeners, oxen, people and bicycle drawn wooden carts loaded with various things such as people, ice, wood, garbage, clothes, fruit etc etc! The many street venders with their hand made goods calling out, seems as though they should be from mid-evil times. The streets dusty, dry and full of pot holes makes it look like a true gong show maneuvering all these carts around and dodging the little distractions (people, dogs, beggars, cows etc.) Outside the cities in the agricultural areas it seems as though nothing in that department has changed in thousands of years. Everything is hand done with the help of oxen and there is a lot of agriculture in India. It is really pretty too. We also spend a lot of time with candle light because the electricity in this country isn't the greatest. They have too many people and just not enough power. Speaking of electricity, the power lines are a tangled mass of unprotected low hanging wires!! It's is unreal! The ladders they use are made of bamboo along with all of the scaffolding and supports. Everything is made with red bricks and then covered with plaster. You should see the paint brushes. They're anything from a piece of cloth to a branch. The brooms are all short handled stocks of hay.....or something but they are very efficient. But anyway, I know there must be many things I have forgotten to mention or just plain old don't realize how odd it is anymore! It is all very interesting though.
We'll be leaving India within a week and I promise the blog will be getting a bit more spicy from here! Stay tuned and we'll be letting you know where our next destinations are and what our five favourite places in India are!


At 8:07 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It will be nice if you cast some more light in the farming in India. This is perhaps the funny part of the deal- everything is done in the
name of poverty reduction. Pushing the poor farmers to the limits can bring no
benefit for the world economy. The funny thing is that
most farmers have committed
in those states of India that have achieved the most success
in outsourcing.


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