Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Can you believe it

Isn't it crazy how we're all inside the same planet, under the same blue sky but life on the other side can be so upside down and backwards?!! For example: At home (Canada) you can go to the keg and have a nice fancy dinner and eat a juicy tender steak (omg, I would die to have one of those right now) but over here in India or even Nepal, I read in the newspaper this morning that a woman was sentanced 12 years in prison for killing a cow!! Can you believe it?! But so often we find articles about dowery deaths. Men killing their wives for not receiving the dowry they were promised. We never hear anything of the husbands being charged. THAT is messed up!! Or how at home if you find anything weird in your meal you can have it for free, but here it's only the norm to have a nest of cocroaches in the wall beside your table. In fact this morning at breakfast I had to kill one that skitted across my plate, hahah. Or how you're not allowed to own a farm animal in the city but cities here have dogs, pigs, chickens, cows, horses, goats and sometimes camels running around lose.
It's a crazy world.....


At 3:35 AM , Blogger Brittany Lee said...

UR so adorable....
hugs and kisses...

hope to see you guys again one day,

talk with you soon,

Britt xoxoxox *MUAH*

At 11:55 AM , Blogger huggybigbear said...

Hey Gang!!!!!
Sorry for the delay, had to take care of the patient too. Darn work, always getting in theway of my reading. As I was saying, I'm amazed at your stamina, you stop and think about it for a second; when was the last time you were in your "native culture, where you understood the nuances of the language, and body language, and rules of the society you are in? It is always a drain on some level to have to excert an effort to make sure you understand, and are understood, that you are vigilant, that you are safe, that you mangae your resources properly. Then to be constantly on the road for long periods, and to deal with the vagaries of the levels of hygiene. It is amazing that we are all from the same place, going to the same place, but man does it get bent in between, so very different, and each group sure of their way of doing things. The 'traditions' are with us always, I'll even bet you have developed as set of rituals or traditions among yourselves. WHo is spokesman, who negotiates, where and how to sleep, it just goes on for the Watkins Tribe, on their walkabout of the world.
I've said it before I say it again, you guys are amazing!!! Not to mention, I swear youare all getting prettier and more poised. You too Ammon, especially with the multiple ear rings LMAO :P
Take care and let me know if there is anything you need.
Love and Big Bear Hugs
The Big Bear


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